Marble, Slate & Granite

Although marble, slate & granite surfaces are quite tough, they could get damaged and stained when exposed to environmental factors such as air pollution. Freezing and subsequent thawing may pose a threat to the stone’s structural integrity and could degrade its natural beauty.

Specifically, Blackrock Marble recommends the following guidelines in taking care of your marble, slate & granite surfaces:

Marble Surfaces

Commercial marble surfaces which have been polished only require the periodic washing with clean water and some mild neutral based detergent. After cleaning and drying the marble surface, you may consider a top dressing. Oil based or coloured dressings must not be used on marble surfaces.

You can take care of your honed interior surfaces just like you would for the polished surfaces. Marble surface discolourations and stains may be handled using specific commercial marble cleaning agents.

Slate Surfaces

Slate is easily cleaned using water plus a mild solution of neutral based detergent. The natural slate finish requires minimal care. The low porosity of slate makes it highly stain resistant and hence easy to care and maintain.

While it’s not a must to seal the slate, when this is done, it makes maintenance due to stains and spills minimal. Sealing also prevents staining and helps in maintaining beauty. Wear may start to become evident, but a water based acrylic finish can be employed occasionally to boost the looks of your slate surface and to also prolong the sealer life.

Granite Surfaces

Keeping untreated granite surfaces clean is quite easy. This is because the high density of granite naturally resists stains and material absorption. However, on polished granite surfaces, regular maintenance care using a mild water and soap solution is all that you will require for removing grime and dirt.

Bottom Line

Taking care of your surfaces is important if you want them to last and serve you for many years. Call Blackrock Marble today regarding any particular marble, slate & granite surfaces care questions. We are always willing and ready to bring our expertise to wherever you are located in Portishead, Bristol and the surrounding areas of Nailsea & Clevedon.